Sphynx need to be bathed once a month in a hypoallergenic bath shampoo. We bathe our cats and kittens in the kitchen sink with a Sphynx shampoo. You should not bath a kitten/cat more than once a month because they need their natural oils; if you over bath your cat, they will have excess oils, which will disturb their natural pH. I recommend putting a sweater on your cat to absorb the excess oil. For new Sphynx owners, Sphynx cats will be “oily” as kittens, but once they meet maturity, their pH will balance out and your cat will not have excess oil or smell.

Nail Care

Sphynx need their nails cut weekly. We recommend using kitten or cat nail clippers. You will need to clean between their nail beds and in between their toes weekly. NEVER declaw your cats! This would be like cutting off your fingers. Declawing your cat will cause unbearable pain to your cat and life long issues with litter training. 

Ear Care

Do not use Q-tip or other brand cotton swabs on the ears of your cat or kitten as this can damage their ear canal and cause deafness, sores, or bleeding. You must loosen the oil in your cat’s ear and then wipe the oil with a cloth. We recommend and personally use an otic ear treatment and ear wipes, which are inexpensive.

Potty Training

Litter Box

When your kitten comes home, they will be litter trained. We work diligently with our mother Queens to ensure your kitten is both litter trained and comfortable using different litter boxes. I recommend a non-dust forming, clumping litter. You do not have to use an expensive litter or litter box. The kittens are trained to use a non-covered litter box with litter from a local grocery store. The kittens are also trained to use a covered litter box, so if you want to purchase the expensive litter robots, they will be comfortable using it.



Sphynx love to play with toys. Laser toys that move around in a circle can amuse cats/kittens for days. You can purchase balls or anything that moves; they love to chase things and play. It is imperative to play with your kitten daily to get their energy and playtime in, this helps socialize them and enjoy life, creating healthy and mentally-well pets.

Cat Trees, Cat Shelves, and Boxes

You may want to purchase a cat tree or build cat shelves. Sphynx love to be elevated, jump, and play. You will not need one until they are at least 6-9 months old. Some people make unique shelving on the walls or get a cat window seat. You do not need anything expensive, but you can be creative. I used an old recliner with a blanket for one of my Sphynx to look at the window as the curious Sphynx loves to look out the window. If you have a couch by a window, you may just want to put a cat bed or a blanket to make your cat comfortable while protecting your furniture.