What makes Furless Feline different from other breeders?

• I am an ethical breeder that adheres to TICA’s standard. I do not offer stud services or sell breeding rights; my cattery is open to potential adopters.
• My cats are never caged, they are socialized with my family and are treated as members of our family.
• My cats are scanned annually and are HCM negative. All cats entering the breeding program are assessed for FeLV/FIV, PCR fecal and parasites.
• I care for the Sphynx breed and breed cats that are healthy and genetically superior. To create a superior cat, it is imperative to select healthy parents and peform personality testing (social and behavior), color testing (markings and color), and strict medically screenings (to prevent genetic mutations).
• I breed discriminatory and only cats in good health, with good genes, and a good breed type are selected.
• I breed my cats to achieve healthy bone structure with distinguished markings and color.

Will my kitten by spayed or neutered?

Yes, all kittens leaving the cattery will be spayed/neutered. We adhere to a strict early neutering program.

At what age can I get my kitten?

Kittens will go home when they are 12-16 weeks of age, with age appropriate vaccinations.

When do I have to take my kitten to the vet?

Your kitten will come with a health certificate from a veterinarian along with copies of the negative HCM scan from both parents. You must take your kitten to the veterinarian within 48 hours after receiving your kitten.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, you must sign a contract 2 weeks before the kitten is ready to go to his/her forever home. I will email you the contract, you must sign the contract and mail it back to me with your original signature. Failing to sign the contract will result in a lost deposit and payments. Under no circumstances will I release a kitten without a signed contract.

How do I get a kitten?

Fill out the Kitten Application available on our website.

How old is my kitten when I get it?

Kittens will be ready for pick-up at 16 weeks of age.

What is the process of adopting a kitten?

• Once we receive your application, we will contact you via text. You will need to send us a personal and veterinarian reference (email or text). All vaccination records for your current animals will need to be emailed or texted to us.
• If we have current kittens available will list them on social media (Instagram and Facebook). You can also see our past kittens and see updated pictures and videos of our kittens in their forever home. Once your application is approved and you have submitted your references and vaccination records, we will set up a time to call you. A phone call is required, during the call we will switch to FaceTime to allow you to meet the kitten(s). If we believe the kitten is a good fit for you and you believe the kitten is a good fit for your home you will pay $500 to reserve the kitten.
• If you have joined the waitlist, we will notify you in numerical order when an available kitten(s) turn 5 weeks old. Our waitlist can vary depending on the type of kitten you want. For example, for a blue Dwelf, you could be on the waitlist for approximately 14 months. If you want the next available kitten it could be less than 6 months. We do not post our waitlist due to privacy issues (scammers), but you can ask how long the waitlist is and we can give you an approximate time frame. We will send you a picture of available kitten(s) with the price. You can then choose to pass or pick. If you choose to pick, I will set up a phone call and switch to FaceTime to allow you to see the kitten. If we both agree that the kitten would be a good fit for your home you will pay $500 to reserve the kitten (this applies to the final cost of the kitten). You can pass up to three times and then you will be removed from the waitlist to allow other adopters to get a kitten. If you do not respond you will be removed from the waitlist.
• You will need to choose a veterinarian that is familiar with the Sphynx breed. I will call your preferred veterinarian to confirm that you have set up an appointment. We can set up a payment plan if you choose, but your kitten must be paid for in full when the kitten turns 16 weeks old.
• We will send pictures or videos of your kitten to allow you to see your kitten grow.
• You can come to see your kitten when he/she is 7 weeks old (after their first set of vaccinations). This is an option and not required, but is fun to meet your kitten in person.
• Your kitten will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped at 12 weeks of age.
• Your kitten will be ready to be picked up/transported when they are 16 weeks old. Kittens need 16 weeks to continue to nurse from their mother and learn important behavioral skills. If a kitten is taking away from their mother too early, they will not have enough immunity from the mother’s milk. This is why you frequently see sick young kittens. The remainder of the adoption cost is due at pick-up or prior to transportation.
• There are a few options to get your kitten:
    o You can come to Gonzales, Texas and pick-up your kitten and meet his/her parents (this is always fun).
    o We can meet you at Austin, Texas airport.
    o A carrier service can hand deliver your kitten to the closest airport to you. A carrier service/kitten nanny will fly with your kitten in the cabin. We have personally used a carrier service and can recommend this one to you. They are not a scam, but we are not liable or responsible for the carrier service. This is simply a recommendation of an amazing carrier service that we have worked with and had great results.

What happens if my cat grows hair?

Sphynx can grow hair in odd places such as their tail, side, heads and other places. Sometimes cats grow a winter coat and some just grow a coat. You do not get a refund if your cat grows hair as this is a natural occurrence in the Sphynx breed.

What do I get with my kitten?

• All of our kittens go home with a kitten care package (two sweaters, toys and treats).
• The litter of kittens will be registered with TICA under the queen’s name. If you choose to register your kitten you will take the information/blue slip and register your kitten with TICA.
• We provide three-generation pedigree lineage for all of our kittens.
• Your kitten will have a three-year congenital defect & HCM guarantee.
• We offer a lifetime support for all of our kittens/cats. We love to get updates on all of cats and love, love, love pictures and videos. We share these on Instagram and Facebook. We are always available for questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

Does Furless Feline offer stud services or sell cats to breed cats?

No, we do not offer stud services or breeding rights. Our cattery is closed to protect the health of my kittens.

What medical testing do I need to do on my Sphynx?

Immunizations are extremely important to adhere to. Your kitten/cat can die of a reaction. NEVER give FIP vaccines to your kitten. It is extremely important to find a vet that is familiar with the Sphynx breed! Sphynx have been known to have adverse reactions to vaccinations for FeL/FIV. We recommend 4 FVRCP and 1 Rabies during the first year of life then FVRCP and Rabies annually for life. No FIP vaccinations ever. First FVRCP starting between 6-8 weeks then every 4 weeks until 16 weeks. Breeder is not held responsible for any warranty for Kitten/Cat against any adverse reactions to these or any other future vaccinations. Breeder does not advise any of their Kittens/Cats be vaccinated for FIP, Ringworm, or Giardia. FIP vaccines are often fatal if your cat has ever been exposed to the coronavirus, which 90% of cats in a multiple cat household have been. They will break out with the fatal form of FIP if given the vaccine. There is no known treatment for FIP and it is fatal. Purchaser agrees and understands that if any of these vaccines are given at any time throughout the life of the Kitten/Cat then the health guarantee and contract is void.
The purchaser understands that it is REQUIRED that all current cats owned in the Purchaser’s home should be combo tested for FIV/Leukemia BEFORE bringing in their new Sphynx kitten. This also applies for any outdoor cats that may come into the home and come into contact with your Sphynx. This combo test is a quick blood test usually costing around 40 dollars that can be completed within 20 min. at your vet’s office. By not following this requirement the purchaser is aware that they may be putting their Sphynx at risk of contracting FIV and or Leukemia. An annual echocardiogram is strongly recommended for your cat/kitten. This helps identify HCM in the cat. We scan our breeding cats annually and breed selectively, but HCM is inherent in the Sphynx breed]

Do you have an outcrossing program?

We have a tailored outcrossing program that adds diversity to the Sphynx gene pool.  Our program only uses specific breeds that are approved by TICA.

What do I do if my cat gets sick?

We guarantee our kittens for 48-hours after pick-up and until the age of three for life threatening congenital defects including HCM. If your cats get sick, call me.  You are responsible if your cat becomes ill after the 48-hour health check is completed. After the 48-hour health guarantee period, the Breeder cannot be held accountable for future diagnosis of FeL/FIV or any other bacterial, viral, infectious diseases, or parasites due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving the cattery and are not a result of genetics or breeding.

How do I know you are a legitimate breeder?

Due the expense of the cats there are many “scammers” out there. I am a registered cattery with TICA and my website is linked to my TICA registration. I do not recommend anyone to purchase a kitten from a cattery that is not registered with TICA, does not HCM annually scan their cats, and will not do a FaceTime call.
Scammers are very sophisticated and will produce pictures with a kitten and photoshop their name onto it. They will keep up the scam and send you flight information and continue to call and text you. If you are purchasing a kitten do your research!!!! IF the price is too cheap – it’s either a scam or a backyard breeder that will sell you sick kittens. Do not purchase kittens from Russia or from catteries who kitten flip. Kittens should be produced in their own cattery with genetic testing, HCM scans, HCM gene testing and TICA registration. If the cattery is asking for money via Western Union hang-up the phone.