Raw Diets

Raw diets may be just about the most controversial and hot topic in the Sphynx community. My take as a breeder is that Sphynx are natural carnivores and should be fed a raw diet. Every breeder, owner, and even veterinarians have different views on the proper diet for Sphynx cats. You can choose not to feed your cat/kitten a raw diet, but if you decide to do so, you must carefully choose a cat food that meets their entire nutritional needs.

There are many ways you can feed your Sphynx a raw diet. You can purchase raw items from a grocery store or butcher and make the raw diet. You do not need an expensive grinder many owners use a blender a Vitamix or other blender to blend the food. You can purchase raw food online (you must due to your due diligence and research the online store) and it will be delivered to your home. Making raw food for your cat/kitten is significantly cheaper for your cat/kitten, but takes approximately 1-2 hours of preparation time monthly. Remember, this is your cat and you choose if you want to make food or purchase food it is always the owner’s choice.

I strongly encourage you to review some of the research on raw food and other food for Sphynx. Sphynx are predisposed to kidney calcification (stones) and digestive issues. Whatever, you choose to feed your cat I will be available to guide you with evidence-based research on some of the cat food that can be toxic or cause issues for you cat. I have one owner who feeds her cat Royal Canine Digestive, others that feeds a raw diet and some who feed Royal Canine.

Dr. Becker discusses the importance of a Raw Food Diet:

According to Dr. Karen Becker, DVM,  the key to proper nutrition is avoiding grains and fillers while including necessary vitamins required for the health of Sphynx. Dr. Becker is an integrative wellness veterinarian, certified in homeopathy, who promotes proactive animal health care, which starts with a properly designed diet.

At Furless Feline, we feed our cats a raw diet that models the way cats eat in a wild, natural environment. Following a raw diet plan benefits Sphynx cats in several ways:

• Decrease digestion issues such as stomach aches, nausea, and general feelings of malaise
• Significantly reduced stool odor and volume
• Increased energy
• Healthier weight, decreases obesity
• Improved dental health
• Improved urinary health, decreases kidney and bladder stones