Our kittens are trained and loved like members of the family.

Ethical Breeding Standards

At Furless Feline Sphynx Cattery, we truly love our cats and want to make sure they’re healthy every step of the way. That’s why our breeding techniques focus on improving the genetics of our feline friends, which helps reduce congenital defects, allowing kittens to lead a long, healthy life. After breeding, we carefully nurture and support our pregnant Queens to ensure their health and the health of the litter. Once they are born, our kittens are vaccinated and checked for all medical issues, trained on multiple styles of litter boxes, introduced to enrichment activities that promote mental health and development, and more.

About our Cattery

At Furless Feline Sphynx Cattery, we treat our cats like family and hope you will do the same. That’s why we selectively pair our cats in a way that improves genetics to help breed healthy, adorable kittens. We scan our cats annually for HCM and also vaccinate and spay/neuter our kittens. We are registered with TICA and CFA and follow all federal and local (Texas) guidelines and recommendations.

Our Cats

Contact Info

We love our customers, so feel free to drop us a message through our Contact Form on the right side panel or by using your preferred contact method.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (830) 203-0469
Location: Texas, USA
Please call during normal business hours and ask for Nicole. Leave a message or send a text if she doesn’t answer and your call will be returned promptly.

Serious inquiries only, please!


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Adoption Info

How to Apply for a Sphynx Kitten in Texas​

You can fill out our online Kitten Application, which contains important questions about adopting one of our kittens. Once submitted, you will be contacted to reserve one of our available kittens, to be wait-listed, or with additional questions.

Deposit Costs

Reserve an Available Kitten: $500 deposit due at time of reservation
Join the Waiting List: $100, non-refundable deposit due to join list when no kittens are available to be reserved. Waiting List is pick/pass and you can wait for your ideal choice of cat, which means you could be next in line!
NOTE: The deposit amount is applied to the purchase cost when a kitten becomes available and the remaining balance must be paid when the kitten turns 12 weeks old or before you pick up the kitten, whichever is first. 

How to Receive a Kitten

We are located in Gonzales, Texas and can arrange for pick up or delivery of kittens. If a kitten needs to be flown, he or she will require a nanny to facilitate transportation. A nanny is usually an off-duty flight attendant that can provide the specialized care required for the Sphynx cat.

Regular Care for a Sphynx

Being hairless, Sphynx Breeds are not exactly like other cats, which means they require some special care requirements. For more tips, you can visit our Sphynx Cat Care Tips webpage.

Veterinarian Care

• Your kitten will come with a health certificate from a veterinarian along with copies of the negative HCM scan from both parents.
• You must take your kitten to the veterinarian within 48 hours after receiving your kitten.
• It is important to find a vet that is familiar with the Sphynx breed, we may only be able to recommend a vet if located locally in Texas.
Vaccinations we recommend:
• FVRCP – first dose starting between 6-8 weeks, then every 4 weeks until 16 weeks (4 total)
• FeLV – once during the first year of life
• Rabies – once during first year of life, then once annually for life
• No FIP! – The FIP vaccination has been known to cause a FIP outbreak in the Sphynx breed and is fatal