Adopting From Furless Feline

If you are interested in adopting a kitten, please fill out this entire application with thoughtful responses and to the best of your knowledge. Filling out this application will allow you to choose from one of our currently available kittens or to join our wait list.

This Application Is For Serious Inquires Only! You must review our Sphynx Care and Raw Diet information before submitting an application.

Deposit Costs

Reserve an Available Kitten: $500 deposit due at time of reservation
Join the Waiting List: $100, non-refundable deposit due to join list when no kittens are available to be reserved. Waiting List is pick/pass and you can wait for your ideal choice of cat, which means you could be next in line!
NOTE: The deposit amount is applied to the purchase cost when a kitten becomes available and the remaining balance must be paid when the kitten turns 12 weeks old or before you pick up the kitten, whichever is first. 

General Inquiries

We love our customers, so feel free to contact us by your preferred method.
Phone: (830) 203-0469
Please call during normal business hours and ask for Nicole. Leave a message or send a text if she doesn’t answer and your call will be returned promptly.

Serious inquiries only, please!

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Helpful Links

Kitten Application

How to Apply for a Kitten

Please fill out our Kitten Application, which contains important questions about adopting one of our kittens. Once submitted, you will be able contacted to reserve one of our available kittens, to be wait-listed, or with additional questions.

Waiting List

1. Heather M.
2. Christina H.
3. Kalee T.
4. Yas K.
5. Victoria B.
6. Malinda H.
7. Edgar F.
8. Edgar F.
9. Jessica D.
10. Lisa B.
11. Cinthia W.
12. Jackson K.
13. Jennifer K.
14. Andrea V.
15. Aaron R.
16. Lacey L.
17. Kara T.
18. Nicole R.
19. Patricia V.
20. Emme P.
21. Indigo B.
22. Catherine N.
23. Beck H.
24. Cat H.
25. Lisa F.
26. Lisa F.
27. Robert W.
28. Lacey W.
29. OSADe O.
30. Cheyenne M.
31. Samantha S.
32. Madilynn B.
33. Bianca R.
34. Roosevelt A.
35. James C.
36. Krystal R.
37. Allie M.
38. Rowan B.
39. Sara P.A.
40. Samantha G.
41. Johann B.
42. Dalton B.
43. Lynn J.
44. Marina M.
45. Elana A.
46. Alexandra R.
47. Rachel M.
48. Amy R.
49. Stefanie D.
50. Calaysha J.
51. Sherry L.
52. Lisa V.
53. Lauren D.
54. Kristana T.
55. Mazie C.
56. Jacqui V.
57. Jessalyn S.
58. Mark S.
59. Penelope P.
60. Elizabeth E.
61. Sebastian S.
62. Mariea H.
63. Victoria M.
64. Melinda S.
65. Lucas P.
66. Janette C.
67. Kelsey S.
68. Edita P.
69. Kristin D.
70. Maya L.
71. Meghan B.
72. Jane C.B.
73. Jennifer B.
74. Jackson K.
75. Tina E.
76. Krystal K.
77. Jennifer O.
78. Cheyenne M.
79. David D.
80. Caden K.
81. Cathy B.
82. Natalie L.
83. Devon M.
84. David D.
85. Adalynn B.
86. Danny C.
87. Dillon W.
88. Hannah K.
89. Madilynn B.
90. Claudia C.
91. Amber H.
92. Amy U.
Previous Adopters will not have to wait on the waitlist to better allow ours Sphynx family to have brothers and sisters. Sphynx always do better with a friend. We update the waitlist after kittens are in their forever homes. If your name is not on the waitlist when it should be, please contact me ASAP.