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About Furless Feline

Furless Feline Sphynx Cattery operates under the belief that quality breeding to better the Sphynx breed is imperative. Our cattery has Sphynx, Odd Eyed Sphynx, Bambino, Elf and Dwelf kittens. The Sphynx breed makes wonderful pets because they are curious, playful, loving and entertaining.

Our Cats and Kittens are Scanned for HCM Annually
We Offer a Three-Year Congenital Defect Guarantee
We Offer Life-Long Support for our Sphynx Family
• We Send a Kitten Care Package Home with all Kittens
(Including an Extra Sweater)



"Nicole and her family are the best breeders around!!!!! Our baby girl is the so funny and lovable. She welcomes us when we come home from work with purrs and love. Maxine loves to sit on the couch and snuggly with me. Nicole and her daughters play with the cats, they have an outdoor screened room for extra play time. If you are considering a cat get one from Nicole and her family!"
"Nicole sold us our first Bambino and he was a family member immediately. I cannot recommend Nicole as a breeder enough, she loves her cats like one of her children. Stanley keeps us entertained every night playing peek-a-boo and my daughters cannot get enough of him. Stanley was so social that anybody who comes to my house is immediately in love. Nicole always goes the extra mile and answers all of my questions immediately.”
“Mrs. Escobar sold me my cat last year. I got Fluffy and she light up my life. Fluffy is the best companion and friend. Mrs. Escobar answered my phone calls and questions without delay. When you get your pet from Mrs. Escobar you know you are getting a family member.”

Our Kittens

Waiting List

1. Heather M.
2. Christina H.
3. Kalee T.
4. Yas K.
5. Victoria B.
6. Malinda H.
7. Edgar F.
8. Edgar F.
9. Jessica D.
10. Lisa B.
11. Cinthia W.
12. Jackson K.
13. Jennifer K.
14. Andrea V.
15. Aaron R.
16. Lacey L.
17. Kara T.
18. Nicole R.
19. Patricia V.
20. Emme P.
21. Indigo B.
22. Catherine N.
23. Beck H.
24. Cat H.
25. Lisa F.
26. Lisa F.
27. Robert W.
28. Lacey W.
29. OSADe O.
30. Cheyenne M.
31. Samantha S.
32. Madilynn B.
33. Bianca R.
34. Roosevelt A.
35. James C.
36. Krystal R.
37. Allie M.
38. Rowan B.
39. Sara P.A.
40. Samantha G.
41. Johann B.
42. Dalton B.
43. Lynn J.
44. Marina M.
45. Elana A.
46. Alexandra R.
47. Rachel M.
48. Amy R.
49. Stefanie D.
50. Calaysha J.
51. Sherry L.
52. Lisa V.
53. Lauren D.
54. Kristana T.
55. Mazie C.
56. Jacqui V.
57. Jessalyn S.
58. Mark S.
59. Penelope P.
60. Elizabeth E.
61. Sebastian S.
62. Mariea H.
63. Victoria M.
64. Melinda S.
65. Lucas P.
66. Janette C.
67. Kelsey S.
68. Edita P.
69. Kristin D.
70. Maya L.
71. Meghan B.
72. Jane C.B.
73. Jennifer B.
74. Jackson K.
75. Tina E.
76. Krystal K.
77. Jennifer O.
78. Cheyenne M.
79. David D.
80. Caden K.
81. Cathy B.
82. Natalie L.
83. Devon M.
84. David D.
85. Adalynn B.
86. Danny C.
87. Dillon W.
88. Hannah K.
89. Madilynn B.
90. Claudia C.
91. Amber H.
92. Amy U.
Previous Adopters will not have to wait on the waitlist to better allow ours Sphynx family to have brothers and sisters. Sphynx always do better with a friend. We update the waitlist after kittens are in their forever homes. If your name is not on the waitlist when it should be, please contact me ASAP.

New Kittens Arriving Soon

Our Queens will be delivering new babies this month,
April 2020!

These new kittens will be available in early August.